Thursday, 5 June 2014

STYLE ICON: Kate Foley

Honing your own unique personal style is pretty hard – with trends flying at you faster than tennis balls at Wimbledon it’s difficult to stick with just one. I can be found channelling ‘60s chic on Monday, Ghetto-tastic style mid-week and unintentional Grunge by the time Friday rolls around!

One person who knows a thing or two about this elusive ‘signature style’ we’re all supposed to have (but haven’t really got the knack of) is it-Brit fashion stylist Kate Foley. Kate has got her USP (unique style point) down to a tee, or a full midi-skirt!

I love her easy archetypal style of teaming a high-waisted skirt with a fashion-forward top, chic heels and a flash of red lipstick. It’s a ‘50s-inspired look for the modern-day gal.

After careful analysis of Foley’s look I think that the key to having a style that’s all your own is to not limit yourself too much. Find a silhouette that works for you and mix it up. Skinny jeans and a shirt your bag? Try out different fabrics and prints. Pencil skirt and crop top suit you? Get an array of mix ‘n’ match separates.

Here’s how you can inject a bit of 
Foley-fashion into your wardrobe.



Lauren said...

All of these outfits are gorgeous! I think we all panic that if we don't mix it up all the time, we're getting stuck in a rut. We have to all learn there's a difference between a rut and knowing what suits you! x

Abbie said...

Wow she is one classy lady <3 I am totally the same as you chopping and changing my look daily ha! My style all depends on my mood tbh! xx

Sheree Milli said...


Martha said...

Love this! Makes me want to throw on a midi skirt and some red lippy :)
Martha xo
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