Sunday, 22 December 2013

#OOTD ASOS Jewel Crown & Oasis Striped Coat

ASOS Crown Blogger

Crown: ASOS
Coat: Oasis
Jumpsuit: H&M
Shoes: Topshop 

I'm driving home for Christmas! Well, getting on a train, but whatevs. 
This really heavy headpiece is serving up a big slice of xmassss to me. It reminds me of ice, snowflakes and sparkles; so although it's not traditionally festive, it'll do for me. And I will be wearing a novelty sweater on Christmas day.
As you can see, I still REFUSE to take off this striped coat. It's just so chic and I totally would not have worn it a year ago. 
The jumpsuit has gone in the bin. I didn't realise how hideous I look in it - new year I am dieting and giving myself a style overhaul. 
Before that though, I plan to eat myself into a coma in sweatpants and have a jolly good time!
Merry xmas!


Jodie said...

There's so little if the jumpsuit in show but I love the low cut, but when something's doesn't feel right I can't wear it either.
Love the crown

Dinesha Johnson said...

that crown is absolutely lovey, happy holidays girl!
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Sarah said...

wow amazing outfit.. you really looking awesome !! Even i have been shopping at for long time now and i really like the selection of products at their website and obviously huge discount :)

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