Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Grey Marl is the perfect base for everything!

Vest: Boyfriend's
Clutch: ASOS
Jacket: Antik Batik
Shoes: Office
Socks: Primark (£1!)
Skirt: H&M
Jewellery: Istanbul Bazaar

I just realised I look extremely bloated in these pictures! WTF! I don't remember this, it's a good job I have the 'good kind' of Body dysmorphia where I walk around thinking I'm Giselle! 
I'm Lactose intolerant so I obviously succumbed to some milky goodness before these snaps were taken.
Anyway, as I say, I love Grey marl... it's so grim and functional, which makes it a wardrobe essential as it lets funner pieces shine.
I have emailed the winners of the Meadham Kirchoff Giveaway, well done to you. I have another giveaway soon... it's a good one. Two words: Lime and Crime. Yeah... that got your attention!

Photos: Ben Thorpe (thank you!)

Keener eyed readers may have noticed the eBay tab to the right. Well done. This is for you to click on to see what I'm selling on eBay.
It's time for a big spring clean so stay tuned for some bargains.
I'm currently selling these:
Happy bidding.



Anonymous said...

You look great. xoxo

Jen said...

*swoons* THE jacket!!

J x

Hipstalur said...

This is a gorgeous outfit! I love the colourful blazer and the clutch against the toned-down colours of the grey marl! brilliant!

Lucy Rance said...

LOVVVEEEEEEE! such a perfect outfit aaahhhh!!

Sheree Milli said...

Thanks. Excited for next week!! X

Sheree Milli said...

£35 down from £250 Selfridges sale! Bargain of the century!! X

Ruby-May said...

Such a perfect outfit!! I am in love with your jacket!!Xx

Sheree Milli said...


Sarah Harradine said...

LOVE THIS OUTFIT, big fan of grey marl.

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