Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rita Ora Style!

Rita Ora Style!

Rita Ora Style! by shereemilli featuring a Tom Ford nail polish

I totes just got myself some Timberlands in a nod to Ms Ora. I'm loving this kind of 'street' style because A/ It's comfy and B/ it reminds me of Aaliyah circa 1992.
What do you think of Rita Ora's style?
After seeing her perform last week I'm now her BIGGEST fan!

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Mia said...

Love rita ora she is amazing. where can i get my paws on some hoops like that:? x

Sheree Milli said...

eBay!! Search 'Gold bamboo hoops' xx

Anonymous said...


Sherin said...

She looks like she has amazing style!!

Myfanwy Kramer said...

Sweet post! I did one myself recently on Rita Ora, she's incredible, right?! check it out... ;)

Cute blog, now following!

Myfanwy x

Imo said...

Shes cute. Yes very Aliyah circa 92.

syselcuk said...

you can't be her biggest fan because i am!!! ;) only kiddin...ive been obsessed with her for the past 4 years and she has the most amazing style! love this post and the the moodboard. new to your blog but i love it :)

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