Saturday, 28 April 2012

Floral trousers... they're everywhere. Including my legs!

Trousers- H&M
Blazer- River Island
Mac- Vintage

I have totes seen about 100 people wearing these trousers, but at £12.99 they are too good to pass up! 
They are also surprisingly easy to style and even though they have a big print they're flattering to those of use with chunkier legs.
Just give in and buy them... being an individual is overrated. 

Picnik has closed... SOB! But has all the same features... YAY!



Kath said...

Love your outfit! Oooooh thanks for the heads up about picmonkey, I loved picnik! xxx

esmedot said...

love the trousers, look great! love the colour of this blazer!
wheres your red lipstick? ;)

love esme x

Sheree Milli said...

I'm gonna invest in a magenta lippie 2m. xx

francisdodson said...

Love the trousers and your wardrobe looks like heaven! I'm gutted about Picnik closing too - Picmonkey just isn't the same :( x

Sheree Milli said...

Yeah, but it's better than nothing! I'm going to learn Photoshopping. x

Sheree Milli said...

And my wardrobe IS heaven! xxx

Sade said...

Oooh those trousers are bitchin!

Sheree Milli said...

Actually doing a LimeCrime giveaway soon! Stay tuned!! Xx

launa x said...

Love those pants !
You wear them so well !
Also thanks for the link i have been searching for a Picnik replacement :)

Sheree Milli said...

you're welcome! xx

Jen said...

'being individual is overrated' ha, love that line.
;) love how you steal these pants.

J x

Alice said...

I was so close to getting these trousers in H&M the other week but I wasn't sure if I had anything they'd go with but now I kind of wish I bought them anyway!

Alice X

Anonymous said...

I really love those trousers. I can't believe they're so cheap!! Xx

Scarf Man - Love Floral said...

Sheree those trousers are beautiful. Vibrant florals seems like on everything this season

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