Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Show Report: Holly Fulton LFW

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It’s always a good thing when you get what you expected and an extra surprise…
That’s what Holly Fulton delivered with her 5th London Fashion Week show. The expected; intricate Art deco prints (with which her name is now synonymous), amazing accessories, and breath-taking bling. The unexpected; A very restrained (restrictive?) colour palette.
Hot (very hot if you ask me!) Pink and a Teal/Turquoise colour were the two colours that made up Holly’s collection. With organic prints inspired by Edinburgh’s Botanical gardens (where Holly’s Mother happens to work) the show began with a succession of well-cut silk dresses and separates in Pink which then segued into the Turquoise looks… almost like going from day to night in this beautiful botanical garden.
Far from being dull, Holy showed what an impact can be made by using many different tones and shades of the same colour, adding depth and interest to the prints. Being known for your liberal use of colours, as Holly most certainly is, this was a bold move for the designer.
There was something William Morris-esque about the way the print interpreted nature which complimented the lady Fulton had in mind whilst designing this collection, Lady Chatterley. There was an element of repressed sexuality, with keyhole details giving us demure yet tantalising glimpses of flesh. The models, including the stunning Noemie Lenoir, looked suitably prim yet sexy- it has to be said, Fulton has focused more on the fit and cut than ever with this collection, gone are the 60s shapes, replaced by a more from-fitting and womanly silhouette.
The accessories and jewellery, as we have come to expect from the former Lanvin accessories designer, were the prize bloom in this fictional greenhouse. The gigantic Mongolian Sheepskin totes stole the show… they could have walked the runway by themselves, being the size of an actual sheep!
Backstage, the Scottish designer (who, incidentally, has the most delightful Kirsty Young type husky voice) explained the importance of accessories to her collection “I design the jewellery and bags alongside the clothes, not as an afterthought, I very much think of the look as a whole”.
Holly herself wore a pink butterfly printed tunic with some serious neck bling (it took all my strength to stop my hand reaching for the supersize jewels!), the butterfly motif ran throughout the whole collection, perhaps symbolising Fulton’s own metamorphosis from NewGen caterpillar to one of London’s fashion butterflies!

By Sheree Milli

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Polly said...

I love the 'caterpillar to butterfly' analogy - so true!

A great report of a fantastic show.

Polly x

Drea said...


Sheree Milli said...

Thanks Polly and Drea. X

Assez Blonde said...

well done on the grazia comp, so jealy! it's *edinburgh by the way haha :)


Sarah Harradine said...

Love the energy in your writing. S.Milli to win!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for you hun u deserve it x

Jade duffield said...

voted for you cuz hope you win mwah xxxxx

Sherin said...

I was at the show as well and absolutely loved it. The pinks and turquoise colours were amazing.

Sheree Milli said...

thanks, spread the word and vote!!!! xx

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