Friday, 10 February 2012

'Fashion as it happens'

***This is my entry for the Grazia blogger competition... any feedback is appreciated, I hope I win... blatantly won't!***

We live in a fast food culture, we just can't wait for anything anymore... I get impatient waiting for the toaster to finish, I get even more impatient waiting for the next issue of Grazia to come out so I can get my next fashion-fix!

If we can't even wait for food (which  is obviously some way down from fashion on the list of 'Things that nourish me') HOW can a modern day fashionista be expected to wait for; Fashion week gossip, who's wearing who on the Red carpet, pictures of Miu Miu's latest campaign?

With the advent of social networking sites such as facebook and Twitter, staying connected is not just easier... it's unavoidable.
It only makes sense that the more information (or idle gossip) we're fed through these sites, the more insatiable our appetites for quick, fast and current fashion news becomes.

Fashion Bloggers can post about shows and events within minutes of them happening, and like a molten Pop-Tart catapulting out of the toaster... can it do more damage than good?

Now, there is no use being the best, and reporting good quality fashion produce with finesse, you just have to be the first.
It's like, we'd all love to eat sirloin steak everyday, right? But most of the time a sub-standard hamburger will have to suffice.
But why should we compromise? Surely there must be a quick and nourishing source of fashion-fibre we can consume?
Well, yes, magazines and even fashion houses are taking back some of the power from the people and delivering content to us themselves of a high quality nature.

Take, for instance, Christopher Bailey of Burberry and his live streaming of the Catwalk shows. A genius idea, the masses were seeing what was usually reserved for the elite and live streaming is an unbiased way of communicating a show.

Fashion is ADDICTIVE, like sugary foods, so there will always be someone (probably a whole load of people) ready to spoon feed us until we can take no more (probably never).

Sometimes fashion reminds me of being at YoSushi, with each tidbit on the conveyor belt being a morsel of fashion goodness.. it's all there for you to see, but move to slow and you've missed it!

There is always something else, just as tasty,  that comes along right after, though, so you can't feel too bad!

By Sheree Milli


Anonymous said...

Really good piece of writing.

Kerrie said...

Ha ha, that is really funny. And true. Good luck in the contest. I hope you win. What is the prize? Xx k

Laura. said...

great post doll ! :) Love the link between food and fashion. like yo sushi you can also choose to pass a trend on! haha

Sheree Milli said...

Thanks a lot. Yeah, and sometimes it's definately not to your taste! :) xx

Mads said...

I'm a stickler for grammar and punctuation so I would just go over it and correct a few things ie Fashion Week (not week) Facebook not facebook. The content ans structure is good and I'll vote for you! Good luck

Rose. said...

Cool post! x

I'm following now, maybe follow me back? @

Rose x

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