Monday, 27 October 2014


How to get started, keep going and ensure your blog-game stays strong!

Are you an aspiring writer (as I was) and just want somewhere to publish your work? A wannabe fashion editor? Love styling and street style? Amazing photographer? Budding TV presenter? Identify your talents and passions and tailor your blog to them. I hate having my picture taken so when I started I didn’t do any OOTDs (although I’ve gotten over that now, almost) and just started off writing trend pieces and show reports. If you’re not much of a writer then maybe try filming videos for YouTube. Just remember to play to your strengths and interests.

It might seem obvious but believe it or not when I first started blogging I’d never actually read another blog – true story. This showed in my blog because it was, well, shit. I had nothing to compare it to! As I started checking out other blogs I saw the possibilities and stated picking bits that I thought would be good for my blog. Even things as basic as linking to products you’re writing about or wearing and having a blogroll. Just be sure to be inspired not actually copy people's work!

Blogging doesn’t start and end with your URL, most of my readers keep up with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It can be really hard to blog alongside a full-time job or school/college/uni so I can’t knock out blog posts as often as I would like. This means that social media is invaluable when it comes to connecting with other bloggers and readers and keeping you in their mind. Also, Twitter is LIFE.

No, not the soppy movie. An actual, physical notebook. Blogging is obviously a tech-heavy, digital pursuit but who knows when and where an idea will strike? So I keep a book full of titles and short article briefs for when I’m not feeling so inspired. I have 20 or so ideas on the back burner at any given time so that when I do get time to blog I’m not wasting time thinking about the post – I can get on with creating it!

As a blogger you’ll be presented with a lot of opportunity – brands and companies will inevitably contact you to collaborate or gift you products. You will be invited to events and press days. Take these opportunities, they are the pay-off for all the time and effort you put into your blog. I’ve had friends tell me I’m so lucky that I get ‘all those free clothes’. Well, er, I’ve spent 4 years building a respected blog and while you get to lay-in I’m crafting a post for that brand that’s given me ‘all those free clothes’. The perks are amazing but remember nothing comes for free and you’ve earned it. Equally, I now turn down more offers than I accept – do I really want to plug a product I don’t believe in? Or even if the offer is amazing – do I have time in my schedule? I’ve had times in my blogging ‘career’ when I’ve taken on way too much – keep the balance.

Anyway, I hope these tips help. They are by no means comprehensive but if you have any other question you’d like me to attempt to answer tweet me @shereemilli 

Like my phone case? (of course you do) here it is, and some more!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


 Last night I was crowned (metaphorically, not literally, sadly) winner of the Best Established Fashion Blog in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.
Just a massive thank you to everyone who voted for me and nominated me - apparently there were over 47,000 entries this year  and all the shortlist were amazing so it means a lot. I was very, very shocked.
I want to thank Ben and my sister - who take all my pics and give me support and advice now, and from the start.

Thanks again,

Sheree xx
Dress from Warehouse 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

#OOTD & Other Stories

An outfit constant in its camel-ness and the fact it's all from the same shop! 

I write this post from my sick bed - I've been in hospital with the dreaded Asthma - does anyone else suffer? What a 'mare. Anyhoo, on a brighter note, despite lack of air to the lungs I've watched the entire Ab Fab back catalogue (it's on Sky Go). 

This ensemble is ENTIRELY & Other Stories, God love that store - it's just one big Scandi dream, the bag is ACNE Studios so it's a full Swedish look for me. 

I've also taken note from Kim Kardashian and treat the Kolour Kamel (camel to a no Kardashian) as king. 

Whaddya think of the look? My sister said I look like a 'business woman, on business') - thanks to her for taking these piccies. 




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